Come and experience the unique taste of Viva Cuba. Our extensive Tapas menu is inspired by the flavours of Spain, Cuba and South America.

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We have created a Set Menu that gives you a great selection of our favourite and most popular tapas dishes

Set Menu

To Start:

Green Manzanilla & purple Kalamata Olives V and Tortilla chips and dips V.

Tapas Banquet:

Cod cakes with lime salsa, Squid rings with alioli, Cuban meatballs, Piri Piri Chicken breast, Garlic mushroom V, Cream cheese Jalapos V, Aubergine tower V, Chorizo in red wine, Cuban bean stew V, Spanish omelette V, Seafood paella, Sweet and spicy Lamb stew, Patatas bravas V, Tomato bread V.

 £18.50 per head

                       Make ordering simple! 

*For Groups of 4 or more. Set menu equates to approximately 4 tapas per person.

               V  Vegetarian Option                                  Service Charge Not Included


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